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Old 07-18-2010, 05:31 PM
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Default Here are some pics of My 94 Z28 LT1 engine rebuild

Our project began with a 1994 Z28 LT1 with blown head gasket and a spun main bearing that set-up untouched for 2 yrs....

Here we began in the driveway, for all you guys who don't have a shop, you can do it !! and it will take all night long too... LOL

Name:  DSCF1531.jpg
Views: 86
Size:  25.8 KB

Not pretty under the hood... kinda scary starting something like this...

Name:  DSCF1593.jpg
Views: 594
Size:  90.1 KB

You will need to strip everything off the engine to get out and back in...

Name:  DSCF1629.jpg
Views: 189
Size:  81.1 KB

Disconnect the tranny and torque converter from the engine and back them both off together so as to not dammage the tranny pump...

Name:  DSCF1630.jpg
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Size:  60.8 KB

Here I made a C-shaped tool and clamped it to the 3 lifter bolt holes so it would clear the windsheild ...

Name:  DSCF1635.jpg
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Size:  80.7 KB

Beer Time.....

Name:  DSCF1642.jpg
Views: 56
Size:  71.4 KB

Aftermath.... what have I gotten in to ??

Name:  DSCF1639.jpg
Views: 57
Size:  92.4 KB

Cleaned and ready for painting...

Name:  DSCF1761.jpg
Views: 63
Size:  98.7 KB

Used 500 deg paint, but it still fadded to dark orange later....

Name:  DSCF1780.jpg
Views: 59
Size:  91.4 KB

cleaned and changed filter & fluid, seals in the 4L60E tranny...

Name:  DSCF1721.jpg
Views: 52
Size:  71.7 KB

The rebuilt longblock from in Tenn. $2,300 for a good rebuild, check them out, they specialize in the LT family...

Name:  DSCF1736.jpg
Views: 78
Size:  72.5 KB

The 4 bolt mains, the orignal owner blew the engine while under warranty, so the dealership replaced it with this one.....

Name:  DSCF1734.jpg
Views: 59
Size:  80.3 KB

This may appear easy, but it is alot of work to get this far....
Note: no EGR, had PCM reprogrammed to remove it...

Name:  DSCF1930.jpg
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Size:  81.6 KB

Name:  DSCF1931.jpg
Views: 54
Size:  79.7 KB

Tranny in position to re-hook it up ....

Name:  DSCF1932.jpg
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Size:  61.3 KB

Turn the engine with the front facing the drivers side to drop it in...

Name:  DSCF1944.jpg
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Size:  77.4 KB

Then turn it back after it is below the windshield ....

Name:  DSCF1949.jpg
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Size:  88.0 KB

Finished !!!! Rain and $ delay = 6 months

Name:  DSCF1955.jpg
Views: 58
Size:  110.1 KB

Back in the saddle again, And YES its worth the effort !!!

Name:  DSCF1983.jpg
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Size:  50.0 KB

Across the street from the Beach Ball water tower by the Pensacola Pier on a needed Vacation .... stayed at the Paridise Inn...

Name:  0103001438a.jpg
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Size:  173.4 KB

Total cost was around $5,000...$2,300 for rebuild and another $2,000 or so for opti, starter, alternator, plugs & wires, harness for opti, all coolant hoses, ALL sensors everywhere, harmonic balancer, ECM, ect...
Could have had a more powerful engine but I wanted to drive it alot and on long trips, plus Grooms warranty of lifetime unlimited miles kept me stock....

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Old 07-18-2010, 06:17 PM
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Old 07-18-2010, 07:45 PM
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very clean, wish i had an LT insead of a 3.4... can deffinatley tell you went the extra mile on this project
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Old 07-18-2010, 10:48 PM
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Hell of a lot of work but you got a hell of a nice car out of it.
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Old 07-21-2010, 06:17 PM
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Very Nice!! You made that motor a show worthy motor. Diffidently show that off and your hard work. Great job on your build.

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Old 07-21-2010, 07:31 PM
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really nice looking. very clean.
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Old 07-21-2010, 07:37 PM
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looks great
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Old 07-21-2010, 09:29 PM
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Thanks all, learned alot and it is fun to drive !!
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Old 07-21-2010, 09:40 PM
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Wow, CNCman, I'm in a parallel V6 universe. Same year, same color car, same t-tops. I'm just missing two cylinders!
I did virtually the same thing you did but dropped everything out the bottom and didn't touch the trans (budget).
I painted my 3.4 Chevy orange and did a similar underhood cleanup. I've been driving mine a little bit and that 3.4 is nothing to scoff at. As a daily driver it is more than adequate. I'm sure the LT1 is a blast and a half.
I need to get an alignment and the a/c charged before mine sees daily service.
For me it was almost 09 months from pull to turn the key but I pulled the crossmember and front suspension then blasted/painted that stuff prior to reinstall. Plus new control arm bushings, balljoints, sway bar links, etc. Oh, I had my original engine rebuilt instead of swapping one in. That slowed things down a bit.

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Old 07-21-2010, 10:58 PM
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Looks great!! You did a heck of a job with excellent results.
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