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(old) 1993 Z28 w/some real good parts on it for sale

Old 04-12-2019, 09:07 PM
2nd Gear member
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Default (old) 1993 Z28 w/some real good parts on it for sale

Year: 1993
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Price: $900
Mileage: 210000
Color: Medium Red
Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing
Location (State/Prov): MI

Skip this first paragraph if you want to skip the mushy backstory:
Hey CF, I'm posting this here (and giving it a couple weeks) before posting to CL or ebay - this forum is where I started my car-journey almost 12 years ago, so I figured I would give ya'll a shot before going to the "public" so to speak. It's finally time to sell my first car (had her since I was 16, and did essentially all of the work/modifications myself). She has a ton of sentimental value (enough to make me hold on to her for the 3 years I've lived 1000+ miles away from her) but priorities (and toys) change over time, and I can't justify parking an old beat-up hot rod over 1000 miles away anymore, as it loses more value every day. She got me through high school, 6 years of college, too many life events to count (good and bad), and when I fly home to visit family she is still there ready to romp around town for a few days. But I'm an "adult" now (does a car-guy ever really grow up?) and some cash towards a down-payment on a house, or student loans (or mods for my '13 ZL1 to make myself feel better after doing this) are now higher priority.

Sorry for getting all mushy there - it's no fun posting this ad...

The car is the one currently in my signature.

1993 automatic Camaro Z28, ~210,000 miles (Owned since 130,000. All daily driven, never taken to the track or strip by myself or the previous owner (not sure about owners prior to that though..))

The bad:
She is admittedly in neglected/rough shape overall. 210,000 miles, driven through Michigan winters (yes, even after I modded her...I got very good at driving in the snow lol).
She has spent almost the entirety of the last 3 years parked at my parent's house, since I moved down to Texas for job/career.
Clear coat is peeling on almost every panel
Paint/body looks like it drove 210,000 miles including Michigan winters
Leaking oil from multiple places (likely due to very dry gaskets/seals, given how long she's sat for...)
Tires will need to be replaced
Interior is missing pieces/panels/etc. (I DDed it in racecar form, with the interior stripped for weight savings - have lost things over time)
A/C does not blow cold at this time
Driver side window motor dead

The good:
Starts and runs reliably (Have had the battery on a trickle-charger while I've been gone, and have had my parents go out and start her up every now and then. I was last home in December, and can confirm that at that time she started and ran reliably)
Can still blow the tires off at 65 if you put the go-pedal down..
Certain "maintenance" parts have very few miles - during the last 3 year I've done brakes, alternator, plugs/wires, optispark. Oil changes ~2 times per year since I've been in Texas, and every 3000 miles prior to that.
Heat blows hot
Passenger side window motor not dead
Oil pressure is actually quite good for the age/mileage - Very regular oil changes the entire time I had her.

The fun:
She has been reliable with the following modifications for ~30,000 miles
LE2 heads
LE ported intake
LE custom cam (small... I don't remember the exact specs given it was installed about 10 years ago. But I believe it was close to 219/226 .565/.565 111LSA)
Scorpion 1.6 rockers
LS7 lifters
Trick flow pushrods
"red top" injectors
BBK 58mm throttle body
LPP stepped 1-3/4 to 1-7/8 primary stainless steel longtube headers (3" collector, merge spike)
Dumped true duals through Powersticks
3.23 equipped rear end/car
PCMforless tune
Aftermarket remote-start security system (I can not recall the brand at this time)

When talking to LE, the goal was ~370rwhp through the auto w/o changing the converter. A daily driver that was loud, drove well on backroads/highway, did wicked burnouts (though I never actually did any...was always too scared the police would catch me with all the noise she made lol), easy on the valvetrain, and after I did my weight-savings she really was pretty quick all things considered. Plenty of fun/speed for a young driver.

The price:
If the car was 100% stock and in the listed condition, I would ask ~700 for it, and take the first offer of 550. Given the fact that anybody here could potentially buy it, strip the go-fast parts, sell them and the shell for a combined ~1400, I have set my CF member price at 1100. If a member here promises not to strip/sell her, and instead either fixes her up, lets their kid work on her (fun first car that costs almost nothing to insure, but still makes lots of noise), or just does burnouts with her until she blows up, I will sell to that member for 1000 (but I would need proof periodically that one or more of those things was happening. I will also accept someone buying her as a parts-car for their current project...she could live on through another 4th gen. and I would be fine with it.)

I don't have easy access to current pictures, but if someone shows genuine interest I can get my parents to send me some pics as she is now (filthy and all...).

Last edited by robmnrd; 05-28-2019 at 11:32 AM.
Old 05-28-2019, 11:34 AM
2nd Gear member
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Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 704

Price dropped to $900 - Parents are moving, so now I'm on a shortened timeline to sell.
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